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Traffic solutions leader keeps jobs stateside

Anyone curious about the state of U.S. manufacturing need only look at the promising high-tech production taking place inside the state-of-the-art 100,000-square-foot facility that McCain, Inc. opened three years ago in North County.

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Go On Green

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When Vista, Calif-based McCain Inc. launched its contract manufacturing division, it had the green light to move full speed ahead into new markets.

In January 2011, McCain Inc., headquartered in Vista, Calif., invested roughly $20 million to expand its manufacturing capabilities in the United States, including the addition of one of the most high-tech powder coating operations in Southern California. The venture has given the company a green light to cruising forward into new markets.

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There's No Stopping This Coating Line

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Traffic Signal Maker McCain Unveils New Powder Coating Systems

Drivers across the U.S. do whatever the products made by McCain Inc. tell them to do. Well, most drivers.

The Vista, Calif.-based company is a leader in providing traffic control equipment, intelligent transportation systems and parking guidance for cities and towns all over the world.

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Making Manufacturing Work

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McCain Sees Formerly Outsourced Work Return to the U.S

McCain Manufacturing, the outsource manufacturing division of McCain Inc., has expanded its North American powder coating operation in Vista, adding two cutting-edge installations that involve painting.

One line handles automated powder coating in a conveyor system, while the other line allows manual paint application for equipment too large for the automated line.

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